Diving Boards & Towers

Paragon Diving Boards & Towers

Paragon diving towers offer significant differences to satisfy varying needs, including budgets, preferences, and job conditions. Depending upon model, sizes vary from 1/2 meter to 3 meters in height.

Paraflyte towers are available in one meter and three meter models. Each tower is furnished complete with railings, rear anchor, front anchor, pedestal, and fulcrum. These can be varied to suit specific job requirements or specifications. Models satisfy most pool configurations, however, custom designs are available. Specification sheets and AutoCAD´ż« drawings are available for each model. Anchors are included and are shipped with each tower. Anchors needed in advance for construction purposes can be ordered from us also.

Standard tower pedestals come in red prime coat, ready for painting to match your facility, or in stainless steel (at extra cost), with plain or flanged base. Each Paraflyte tower is available in several different grades. The variations among grades apply only to materials. There is no difference in design or detail between grades of the same tower. Each tower is designed for diving boards 14 or 16 feet long. Diving boards are sold separately, click here for diving tower specifications and board selection chart. Identification numbers must be selected from the chart to reflect the type and length of the diving board used.